I have always know this shop. My mother used very few beauty products but she loved coming to this shop for the avocado and  facial creams. When she first moved to the south of France in the 50 she discovered Spurway, it was the oldest cosmetic shop in Cannes . Naturally, I would get my products there, it was something special to go into this shop off the main streets and enter this building, only the locals would know about it. Not only the products were great but we could see them being made and discuss them with the owner. I was there the other day and in the shop was a customer who told me that his grand father would go there. Sadly I was told that this laboratory and shop were closing, because the building was going to be pulled down. They also told me that the label and shop had been bought so the name Spurway will continue but that they would not be able to reproduce the same products because of new hygiene laws. We have been using these products for about 60 years, my mother before I was born, my grandmother , my daughters and myself we have never had any problems, on the contrary we loved them… I wonder in whose interest it is to put out these laws? This shop has been in Cannes since 1825. I hope that they will find a way of keeping everything and reproducing this little heaven somewhere else…. you can find out more www.marcusspurway.com




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