Photographer: Sarah Maingot                                      Make up Coral Clark

Transparent, translucent, maximum coverage , touche éclat is the make-up artist’s best friend. In a few strokes you can make wonders. With you touche éclat brush tip just paint and follow your dark  shadow line under your eye and blend with your finger. Touche éclat has got macro shimmery parts that reflect the light like mini mirrors, this is why you don’t need much. It throws back the light and gives the impression that your dark circles are neutralised. It also works for enhancing and sculpting. Less is more, sometimes it is best to make one part disappear to reveal and uncover another. See on image above how by putting a little touch in the eye corner I covered the circles and just with a little powder made the rest of the skin still breathe and then by just  adding a little color to the cheeks brought the whole thing to life.

baguette magique


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