Meet Dan Graham and his interactive art. Art that connects and bounces of its environment and changes with the colour of the sky, the reflection of light and modifies our vision by exposing more and more layer of infinite possibilities, shapes and light move with the sky and people walking past, with colours blending into different shapes while other colors bounce off one reflection to the other, infinitely moving . Here is Dan Graham giving a speech at the opening party of the Mamo museum in Marseille on the roof of the cite Radieuse the famous building designed by the architect Le Corbusier, at his side, Emily Marant , Ora Ito and the CEO of Parley for the ocean who gave a talk on our over consumerism of fish and of plastic waste that are poluting and suffocating the oceans. We will have to drastically modify our consumption of fish and plastic within the next years if we want to save the biodiversity of our oceans. Already, some  people through awareness and knowledge  are choosing to significantly reduce their consumption of fish . We all have the power to chose to consume or not, we all have a voice through the choices we make every day.


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