Is it the moist in the air that favours the naturally dewy complexion.


Over the years the colour of skin and fashion have changed. Before the industrial revolution and payed holiday leave, being tanned was for the  lower class,  the workers who were outside or in the fields. Being pale was considered a sign of high society status.

e443767e3177d833e04a0ef8456365e63ee6bfcbThis is still the case in Asia.

Now being tanned is a way of showing off that we can afford a holiday in the sun.

59839926_08f6e932ba_zComplexion in countries , where the constant cool moist in the air enables the skin to breathe  to constantly be revived and never to dry remaining flawless . Skin color is due to melanin, a pigment produced in the epidermis to protect us from the sun’s potentially cancer-causing ultraviolet (UV) rays. Dark-skinned people produce more numerous and deeper-colored melanin particles. However we can really see the positive effect of moist in Northen countries where skin is not so  exposed to the sun, we  learn that those thin and microscopic bubbles of water are what it takes to keep our skin from drying up. I always look for water in my creams since the oil trappes the water which is then released on our skin.



Skin is the biggest organ in our body, it weighs around 4 kg and measures around 2 square meter for an adult. It is 8 times thicker under our foot than it is around our eyes.



720x380xw-o_o-w.jpg,q93afc3.pagespeed.ic.eoXUthG6jmThere are two basic types of emulsions: oil-in-water (O/W) and water-in-oil (W/O). These emulsions are exactly what they sound like, as pictured above.

W/O Emulsion and O/W Emulsion

In every emulsion there is a continuous phase that suspends the droplets of the other element which is called the dispersed phase. In an oil-in-water emulsion, the continuous phase is the water and the dispersed phase is the oil while in a water-in-oil emulsion the oil is the continuous phase.


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