As we go deeper and deeper into the winter, we lose our lovely summer colouring, our tan and  summer glow wears out . This is when a little something can change a lot. I always notice the inside transformation of a person while I do her make up as she is looking at herself in the mirror. The person may start a little reserved and discouraged with negative her body language. As she sees the progress of  make upbeing done and she looks better and better, the  improvement brings her back to a moment when she felt positive and happy. The reflexion of happiness is sent back from the mirror and brings her back to that moment and from there, little by little she start to sit up straight, to gain confidence, to speak up and sheers to that self that she seemed to have forgotten… That person that she knows so well, the happy her she can at last reconnect with. A little something can go far, this is why I chose to use these few products, the tint lotion from Dr Haushcka which is so easy to use for an optimum result, it just tints the skin as if it has just been in the sun for a little tan, then on top of this I use a bronzing powder with a big brush I gently stroke the angles where the sun would hit naturally when one walks about, I gently brush on the top of the fore head, the cheek bones a little touch on the noze. The eye lid can have a little shimmer and the lips even though moisturised stay lusciously mat… here after a touch of mascara in the conner of the eye, no one would ever know, the secret  mission these few products have achieved leaving no evidence, only the trace of  a glowing event which would have flushed our skin to glow naturally.

2 thoughts on “INSTANT WINTER TAN

  1. Hi Coral! This is what I do and not only does it even out my skin it makes it look as even as possible taking out the pink or redness caused by the cold! I also use the Concealer that is a bit lighter to highlight the eyelid, side of nose and just below the brow!

    • Hi Vanessa,

      For this healthy tanned look using a concealer of the same colour as the tint can be used for dark cercles under the eyes, around the nose and to hide red marks it has to be blended into the tint. This is of course a possibility and is a great way of preparing the skin if it need to be…

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