Yes, it is possible to go for a week with no food….

For your first fasting experience it is best to do it in a specialised group with experienced practitioners for support. I went to a centre called Jeune et randonnée in la Drome France. When I enrolled I was told to prepare my body a week in advance by cutting out coffee, sugar and slowly reducing meals to vegetable. After a long drive I reached a windy dirt track off a main road dug into rock cliffs which eventually led to a dead end where there was a house tucked at the foot of an impressive mountain. This was where I was going to stay a week. While driving 6 hours through the Alps I had mentally prepared myself for this experience.

I was a little nervous since my up bringing had always been paced with recommendation such as: “Finish your plate”, “What are we having for lunch, when are we doing the shopping etc… Whether these were post war fears, during which there had been rations I don’t know but food takes up a huge part of our time, shopping, cooking, cleaning and organising each meal, and especially in France….we love our food…

When I arrived a group of people all ages and gender was gathered outside in the garden, we were all there for the same purpose so our introduction was easy and we instinctively knew that we would need to support one another, some were on their second week of fasting, others had a yearly routine of fasting and like me some were experiencing this for the first time.

That evening we were given some sodium chloride (taste disgusting) that was very efficient to clear our intestines over night. We were also allowed some herbal tea.



The next morning after a few warm up exercises we marched off with our coach and guide into the mountain having only had half of a small glass of organic apple juice. He gave us information as we started off about how much water we should drink, to walk at our own pace and that we would be returning at least 6 hours later to the house. Surprisingly enough I was not hungry on the first day, we drank a lot, rested under a tree at midday walked slowly passing our steps around the mountain paths where not a sound was heard, we were so far from civilisation, not a car, or machines only the sound of our breaths, birds, insects flying, the wind, or footsteps trading the moist grass, and at times the intense, vast sound of silence. The mechanical movement of the walk freed us from thinking about our usual routine and kept us active enough not to think about food. And so the day went by, we got back, showered, rested, read our books and gathered around the table to discuss our experience with warm teas. Because of the altitude, the clean air, the silence, the exercise, we all slept well. And so the days went by, time was suspended, no cooking, no shopping, no cleaning, no washing up, no trash, no schedule, my mind was freed of all these things that monitored my every day life.

Our coach explained how our bodies depending on our weight could keep going for days without food only taking in water, he calculated that I would be able to survive for 100 days by just drinking water. This was reassuring, there would be no more food panics over empty fridges.

As 2 days went by, day 3 was the most difficult and after 4 hours climbing I felt a little weak my coach then brought out a miniscule spoon and a pot of honey and filled in a quarter and gave it to me for energy. I was suspicious, how could such a small quantity have an effect on my body?

A few seconds later I was back in the group on track speeding up the hill. Such a small amount of sugar had given me enough energy. We eat way too much; our body needs very little food to keep going. Our energy is therefore spent absorbing digesting processing all this food. So much of our time is spent preparing meals we only need small portions of healthy non processed foods…

This was our first meal after 6 days of fasting, organic freshly picked vegetables.

I came back feeling clean and pure like a baby, my skin looked fresh and toned, I had so much more energy…The key is to then fast one day a week or monodiet by eating one same food in 24 hours, to keep that same energy going. Fasting should be done in a specialised centre with experienced practitioners, consult your doctor before you go…


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