Did you know that fish like salmon swim down river to the sea and then, back up river to the exact place where they were born?

They remember the journey back from generation to generation, knowing the exact spot where their eggs are laid and hatched. The journey is part of  their DNA, scheduled, programmed, engraved.


Just like the salmon, we have DNA, which dictates our behavioural pattern and influences our lives; a lot of what we do is programmed.

We recreate family patterns again and again, with seemingly no control. And, time after time, we make the same mistakes realising that this is not what we want but somehow unable to change the course of things.

We only use a small part of our brain and don’t acknowledge it’s full potential. This is why all kinds of practices such as hypnosis, and other therapies, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, can help you connect with our inner self and free us from our emotional barriers, liberate our subconscious, and allow us to create other paths.

What we know about the salmons is that they have been laying eggs in the same place for generations. And that by moving their eggs to a different place, they can then hatch and create a new, different route. In other words, they can be reprogrammed. Their course is now changed and the initial pattern is broken.

We as humans can reprogram our paths as well, our emotions in order to become our true selves…

Our mind is a powerful tool.

By dreaming, letting go, using our imagination, visialising and emotionally feeling and experiencing our dreams, we have the power to crystallise them. Once the thought is hatched so to speak, then experienced; our mind sets its way to finding solutions instinctively, to create the new route to our goal. Our thoughts then materialise.

Allowing yourself to dream, freeing your mind, your dreams can take you wherever you want to go, whenever you want, in whatever conditions, and with whomever you like. These are the beginnings to freedom, an idea is the beginning of a project.

Oscar Wilde Quote: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars

dream sky

The only person that has the power to stop you from dreaming is yourself …You are the master of your universe, the king of your freedom, the conductor who can orchestrate a disaster or the conductor who can orchestrate all your dreams.

So dream on, let go and sail the boat over the horizon allowing it to take you to the moon and back. Treat yourself to dreamtime and space, walk, lay on your sofa, in your car whenever wherever. Dreams belong to you only, they are private, intimate, personal  exclusive, unique to you only with no limits.  You are allowed whatever you want, you can be whomever you want to be. Whatever makes you happy. Once you have experienced the sensation, your powerful mind will put things into place, naturally and create the road ahead to follow. Trust who you are. Your DNA has survived through generations and is still here living through you….

Quote from Oscar Wilde

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”




2 thoughts on “HOW POWERFUL IS OUR MIND?

  1. Wonderful words… how we think is what we see and experience. My ‘dream’ is that the world will see how powerful they are and how the imagination is the key to how we conjure our experiences ..

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