YOUR FACIAL AT “Lamaisondocteurhauschka”

Pushing through the door of this beauty temple and stepping in to LamaisonDrHaushka is a lifting experience… once inside, you are wrapped in a blanket of well being.  The smells, the colours, the sound of spring water running like a cascade,  on the floor through a glass panel you can see  water flowing, giving the  feeling  of having travelled through a mountain and  finally penetrating through the wonders of this forest of beauty.

The rich and natural elements such as the tree trunks aligned againts the wall,  rose petals spread out here and there and gorgeous mat colours  harmoniously painted on the walls, the shelves spred with pebbles, this heaven  embarks us on a journey in nature where gorgeous beauty products preside in this lushes scenery. The delicate sents reach out to the subconcience and gently carry you to a planet of delight.   In the back there is  a small sitting area where one can enjoy  a wonderful purifying heabal tea. The facial starts after lying down  in the room,  on a massage table under a silk sheet in  dim light . This wonderful ritual, begins by cleaning the  skin with the clarifying toner, exfoliating with the Dr Huashcka cleanser  and  then by a lymphatic massage to drain all the toxins finishing by firming mask to pump my skin up.  These little moments are important we must not forget to treat ourselves …I walked out glowing….;

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