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Hello June,

I remember first meeting you in the back room of a flat in Paris. Even though there was hardly any light your incredible energy lit up the room. From then on, and throughout our friendship, your incredibily positive energy and perception of things and people continued to amaze me.
1/Could you please tell us what and when you became aware of this incredible source of energy that was inside you and what triggered off your desire to go deep into yourself to reach this level of awareness and to trust your intuition . Growing up I always thought something was ‘wrong’ with me. I was always told to sit down and be still and when that didn’t work my rebellion landed me in a hospital ‘for observation’. It wasn’t until I left home (and the hospital) at 17 that I begin to realize there was something ‘right’ with me. In the early 70’s it wasn’t popular to ‘look at yourself’ but I had to figure out what this abundance of energy was, why I felt so compelled to understand my ‘Self’ and eventually I came to understand that this abundance of energy could be directed and focused for helping others. The more I dove into myself, the more I understood others and the more I understood the spirit world.
2/I think of you are as the perfect example of interior beauty reflecting exterior beauty. There is definitely a glow and light coming from your energy. Your awareness of the power the inner self has led you to become a life coach and a healer. I know that you have an unlimited source of solutions and that each individual is unique and that you provide them with a tailor made clear path, but could you give us a few guidelines for inner happiness? The thing to remember is that we aren’t supposed to be happy ALL the time. The times we aren’t happy don’t have to last very long, but we can use those times to get to a deeper experience of happiness at our core. As a culture, we tend to look outside ourselves for satisfaction. And even though we find it, it’s temporary. The one person you wake up with every day is you. The person you listen to more than anyone else in the whole world is you. The person who you are going through life with no matter what is you. So who gets to decide if you wake up happy?
So many people get stuck in the story of their past and give it all this weight and it becomes an excuse to not be happy. Shame becomes the thing that we work so hard to cover up when if we would take it out and look at it, process it and put it in its rightful place, (a friggin’ septic tank!) we could get on with being happy.
3/How does inner well being connect with the power of NOW, and do you think that this is a major contribution in getting to the core of a person and the essence of our being? Well, if you want to get technical… all the good stuff only really shows up in the ‘Now’. Intuition can only talk to you in the moment. The feeling of joy we all look for happens in the moment. To be touched deeply… yep.. only happens in the NOW. So how does all that contribute to your inner well being? Just consider the value of what its like to be in the right place at the right time, or the value of feeling recognized for who you are at a soul level and the joy that comes from laughing from your gut. All of these things and more contribute to the essence of who you are and they only show up in the ‘Now’.
4/People create their own sufferings, through creating unnecessary needs, comparing themselves to one another, they are restless, their mind wandering constantly, never being satisfied always thinking of the past or apprehending the future.. What would your advise be on a daily basis? First I would have them watch this skit with Bob Newhart called “STOP IT” and laugh at themselves. – Then I would encourage them to take steps to recognize the power that their thoughts have over what is or isn’t showing up in their lives. We get to decide which thoughts we keep and which ones we put in a container somewhere – the more restless the mind the more dug into the mud we become. Its not easy to see something like it’s already happened when we’re down in the dumps but that is the first place to start. Everything, Everything, Everything, Everything (did I mention everything?) begins with our THOUGHTS. If you can see it like it’s already happened you are halfway there. Hold. That. Thought.
5/ We are all born with intuition but don’t trust it yet it is great common sense . Would you recommend dropping the barriers and going along with this approach as opposed to a more pragmatic one?

Of course! It’s how I’ve lived my life and got me to here. But it doesn’t matter if I recommend it or not because we each have our own way of ‘listening’. Until something draws us in or wakes us up to our inner vision or inner hearing we will continually default to a more pragmatic approach. Whatever triggers someone to begin to trust their intuition is a result of feeling safe rather than an intellectual conversation about whether to trust their intuition. If you’re driving down the road and the sign for where you want to go points to the right, but your intuition is telling you to turn left – you turn left not because of your intuition but because you trust your intuition. So, I recommend Trust. It may not look like it’s taking you where you want to go but it knows a lot more than you and there’s always a positive reason your intuition is trying to get you to go in a particular direction. Like I said. Trust.

6/Where can we find you? Do you give consultations and could you give us your details?

Yes! I would love for you to find me! You can find me in person either in New York City or St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands but I’m always available to take appointments by phone or on Skype! Personal Development is a process, Self Discovery, Healing – all a process. It would be my pleasure to help you see something about yourself or your life thats been hidden from your view – something that could make a real difference for your life. My website is My email address is Once you make a request I will get in touch with you.

Are there any books or films you could suggest? As a matter of fact…. I am LOVING reading “The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist! Also anything from John Perkins! “ShapeShifting” “The World Is As You Dream It!”. I would also sign up for newsletters from www.Pachamama.Org. and get involved in anything they do. They are the real thing!

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