14069386880_8d2df89f32_z-2SWIMMING IN COLD WATER

I have been swimming in cold sea water from 18 degrees to 11° now every other day for the past month. The results are spectacular, whether for the morale, the energy level, toning or accelarating the metabolism, results are amazing.
Cold water stimulates your parasympathetic system, it triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin. Along with the effect of endorphins and adrenaline from the plunge, ice swimming is packed full of neurotransmitters that are vital to keeping us happy. This is a natural substitute to anti-depression medications so if you are near the sea, or a lake jump in or if not, try standing in a cold shower a few minutes a day.

Natural benefits and advantages of ice swimming:
More vitality
Improve memory performance
Reduces pain associated with fibromyalgia, rheumatism, or asthma
Increases your defense system
Gets your blood pumping
Enhances your sex life
Burns calories.

Is an all-natural high

Winter swimmers talk a lot about the ‘HIGHS’ they get from cold water – a feeling of wellbeing that’s so encompassing that it becomes quite addictive

The cause? Endorphins.


Being cold sends blood it to your organs and make you feel ALIVE……

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