Interview with Feng shui specialist Vanessa Boren



Hello Vanessa,

You are an American, Mexican who has been living in Paris for the past 20 years.

1/ Could you tell us what inspired you to become a Feng Shui Specialist?

I became aware of my own need for peace, beauty and an inspiring environment. Feng Shui enabled me to realise that people could be nourished by their interiors. Awareness that I needed to be in connection with Nature, living in a big city like Paris by creating an environment that is related to the natural elements.


What exactly is Feng Shui ?

(The literal translation is Wind and Water)

How energy circulates within a space creating a harmonious feeling. How through our interior we can generate lively creative and personal spaces. The movement can be considered positive, by its generous, fluid movement or negative if creating stagnation.


Have you or one of your clients experienced life changes through Feng Shui and if so, could you give us an example?

A single woman was living on her own and wanted to meet the ideal partner.

I did this person’s apartment and she soon thereafter met someone. She fell in love and moved in with him. Once they had moved in together she realised that in this new home she wasn’t sleeping very well and remembered that Dowsing and a Feng Shui consultation could help so she called me up. She had also been trying to get pregnant and it was not happening ! After analyzing the placement of her bed she was sleeping over underground water and in an area and a direction that were not the best for her and her husband. Soon after moving the bed she not only was able to sleep better but she also ended up getting pregnant …she had twins !

What would a person benefit from by creating a beauty space in their home, and could you give us a few tips?

Depending on the amount of space that someone has we can either have a separate space dedicated to “personal time” or create one in her bedroom. Lets say a space in a bedroom.

It’s their moment . In order to feel at peace it is important that you can see the door from where you are sitting, so that if someone walks in you are not taken by surprise. The mountain in Feng Shui terms. You can place your beauty chest” with your back against the wall and have it placed in a way to see the space and maybe also be able to perceive some natural scenery from the window.

In creating a beautiful, nourishing environment the colors and materials will be key.

In order to choose the right colours for your bedroom or your special beauty space, you can calculate your Feng Shui kua number that will give you your “Element”. The five elements are the basis of the Feng Shui precepts and having a bit of each of them in your home is essential. Having a major dose of your main element and your second element that nourishes the first give us a nice variety of shades from which to choose!

These translate into colours, shapes and materials to create the best environment for you helping you get in touch with your inner source of wisdom.





Beauty temple

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Create your beauty space



The beauty temple is a space in your home that is private, and that you have designed . It is a beautiful and an inviting environment in which you feel comfortable. In this space you can isolate yourself in, ready for the make up ritual in a bubble of scents, sweet sounds and soft light. You are wrapped and surrounded with peace and warmth, taking you to a comfortable place, secure and peaceful, back to the womb. Chose each object with care, for example look for a chair designed by one of your favorite designers , or for one that you can customize, paint and make your own, same with your dressing table, chose a beautiful design table or create your own. Get some good quality make up brushes , all you need are three,  treat yourself to some that will last. Your may have a great mirror on the wall and a lamp or lights. On your dressing table, only put the objects that are used for your ritual, it should always be organized, tidy clean and looked after mindfully. All this helps to start with a clear mind in a serene place, relaxing, a haven of peace and happiness. Essential oils bring harmony and purify the air, clean and give balance to heal and nurture your whole being






Flowers reflect beauty and sensuality, refresh your bunch every week.


 Chose the right color for your space


Fire elemenr- Passion and high energy401279806

IFire element also nourishes one’s sexual energy and inner warmth.


Red  is hot, passionate, rich and celebratory.



Is the social color “social” color, it promotes lively conversations and good times.


Is the universal color of love.

Earth element

 will help create stability, nourishment and calm. 

Light yellow

Yellow is a ‘warm’ color. 


Metal elements are clarity and preciseness


Warm, silvery gray color can bring a beautiful, clear and centering energy. Avoid the color gray in big proportions.

Water element -ease and abundance

A harmonious water element will bring a refreshing energy of calm, ease, purity and freshness. 


It is associated with clear sky and healing, refreshing waters.


Black color is full of mystery and sophistication; it holds the energy of power and protection.

Wood element -growth and vitality

Abundance/Wealth and prosperity/Lush and healing,


Brown color, has nourishing energy, its rich tones are associated with dark chocolate, gourmet coffee and beautiful
Mahogany wood. A water fountain: is a symbol of abundance and also makes a soothing sound.




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