Aleppo soap

This is a reminder of lives their history and their culture culture,The Aleppo soap is the first hard, authentic soap to be created in the world. It is famous for its remarkable qualities and historical background. The production methods used to create this soap have been preserved to this day by Aleppian master soap makers. Since the 8th century families have been producing Aleppo soap in small scale and using the same techniques which has maintained this 13 century old tradition.

Aleppo soap is considered one of the purest soaps ever made, created exclusively with the most natural ingredients. It is made of olive oil, laurel bay oil, sodium hydroxide and water. In some cases some other natural ingredients are added such as honey, pure essential oils, red clay, dead sea salts and argon oil.

Aleppo soap is boiled with olive oil and laurel oil. The quantity of both oils used may vary from one soap bar to the other. Usually olive oil is between 60-98% while laurel is between 2-40%. The soap which has the most amount of laurel oil in it is considered to be the most valuable and it has the most costly production. Aleppo soap doesn’t contain any artificial colorings (its color is due to the proportion of laurel oil), no artificial fragrances and flavors, parabens, foam establishers, perfumes and no animal fats. This makes the soap the ultimate natural product, with properties that are extremely good for the skin.

Over two thousand years the town of Aleppo in ex-Mesopotamia has preserved this ancient processing method which is the soap’s main secret. The large blocks of soap are made by hand using traditional method, these soaps are cut into blocks and stamped with the mark of the manufacturer. After, the soaps are set out to dry for a period of 6 to 9 months on racks in well aerated arches. During this drying process, the soap gets both hard and its color changes from olive green to a beautiful deep gold. The color the soap acquires depends mostly on the amount of laurel oil the bar has. Color ranges from a pale yellow (small concentration of laurel oil) to a deep brown or golden color (large concentration of laurel oil).

Aleppo soap is so mild, gentle, moisturizing and natural that it can be used on adults, babies, small children and even pets. It will not dry your skin out and once wet it has a luxurious, smooth and creamy feel. After each use your skin will feel refreshed. It is most popular because of its stronger disinfectant, regenerative, purifying properties which help sooth sensitive skin. Anyone who finds themselves suffering from skin allergies, irritated skin or conditions such as general dermatitis like eczema, psoriasis, bacterial dermatitis, acne, herpes, rosacea, it also helps prevent hair loss and it aids in the recovery of skin diseases. It’s recommended for all skin types. Olive lo is very rich in vitamin E and polyphenole, which is a useful anti-oxidant that can help delay the effects of aging while the bay tree oil has antiseptic properties. It tones, stimulates and brightens skin complexion. It is an excellent product that can be used against spots and pimples. It softens and nourishes the skin without causing dryness and irritation.

This product is said to last for months due to its high density and it is also cost effectiveness it can replace shampoo, conditioner, face soap, body soap and shaving cream.There are several types of Aleppo soap products on the market, including solid soaps (in bars, cubes), liquid Aleppo soaps, clay masks, soap flakes (for washing clothing) and sachets for linen.. Normally all of them are imported from Syria. Aleppo soap is slightly pricey compared to regular bars of soap. In the United States prices range form $7.80 to $11.40 approximately. In the U.K. prices may range from $6.00 to $10.45 approximately. Most of these products are found online, so you also need to consider shipping and handling together with the soap’s price.

Manufacturers claim that the advantages linked to the usage of Aleppo soap are endless.When used on the face and body, the soap will clean the skin deeply while it eliminates the peeled cornea layer, the sebum and sweat (which is the main cause of a tarnished complexion), dust and other micro-bodies of the environment. It can also be used as an excellent make-up remover. using Aleppo soap will aid in preventing infection. Also, the la of artificial coloring or other chemical additives is the reliable guarantee from allergies or other attacks that may harm the skin if rubbed by an industrial soap.

Some Dermatologists advise to use Aleppo soap to eliminate the hydro lipid, sebum, excess from the skin. In the case of people with sensitive skin, it is recommended to use Aleppo Soap Flakes to wash linens, baby clothes even lingerie; any garment that may come in contact with the skin.Aleppo soap has a forgotten quality in the Western world, but known in the Eastern world, which is an effective way to eliminate clothes moths in the closet.

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Here is a simple and effective solution for our skin. In the palm of your hand mix half aloe vera, half avocado oil for day time and, at night mix your aloe vera with argan oil.
 This is a great way to nourish, and the aloe vera will tense, your skin. These are organic products that do wonders…





Emily’s Make-up

Cream a la Rose docteur Haushcka lushesly hydrates skin,

Concealer Yves saint Laurent Touche éclat

Base: Fluide nude Dior

Blush Terracota Guerlain,

Eye shadow nude

Mascara: dark dried brown

Blush: pinched cheeks

Lips, naturel with a lip baume and a fresh colour



Dried spray































As we go deeper and deeper into the winter, we lose our lovely summer colouring, our tan and  summer glow wears out . This is when a little something can change a lot. I always notice the inside transformation of a person while I do her make up as she is looking at herself in the mirror. The person may start a little reserved and discouraged with negative her body language. As she sees the progress of  make upbeing done and she looks better and better, the  improvement brings her back to a moment when she felt positive and happy. The reflexion of happiness is sent back from the mirror and brings her back to that moment and from there, little by little she start to sit up straight, to gain confidence, to speak up and sheers to that self that she seemed to have forgotten… That person that she knows so well, the happy her she can at last reconnect with. A little something can go far, this is why I chose to use these few products, the tint lotion from Dr Haushcka which is so easy to use for an optimum result, it just tints the skin as if it has just been in the sun for a little tan, then on top of this I use a bronzing powder with a big brush I gently stroke the angles where the sun would hit naturally when one walks about, I gently brush on the top of the fore head, the cheek bones a little touch on the noze. The eye lid can have a little shimmer and the lips even though moisturised stay lusciously mat… here after a touch of mascara in the conner of the eye, no one would ever know, the secret  mission these few products have achieved leaving no evidence, only the trace of  a glowing event which would have flushed our skin to glow naturally.



Is it the moist in the air that favours the naturally dewy complexion.


Over the years the colour of skin and fashion have changed. Before the industrial revolution and payed holiday leave, being tanned was for the  lower class,  the workers who were outside or in the fields. Being pale was considered a sign of high society status.

e443767e3177d833e04a0ef8456365e63ee6bfcbThis is still the case in Asia.

Now being tanned is a way of showing off that we can afford a holiday in the sun.

59839926_08f6e932ba_zComplexion in countries , where the constant cool moist in the air enables the skin to breathe  to constantly be revived and never to dry remaining flawless . Skin color is due to melanin, a pigment produced in the epidermis to protect us from the sun’s potentially cancer-causing ultraviolet (UV) rays. Dark-skinned people produce more numerous and deeper-colored melanin particles. However we can really see the positive effect of moist in Northen countries where skin is not so  exposed to the sun, we  learn that those thin and microscopic bubbles of water are what it takes to keep our skin from drying up. I always look for water in my creams since the oil trappes the water which is then released on our skin.



Skin is the biggest organ in our body, it weighs around 4 kg and measures around 2 square meter for an adult. It is 8 times thicker under our foot than it is around our eyes.



720x380xw-o_o-w.jpg,q93afc3.pagespeed.ic.eoXUthG6jmThere are two basic types of emulsions: oil-in-water (O/W) and water-in-oil (W/O). These emulsions are exactly what they sound like, as pictured above.

W/O Emulsion and O/W Emulsion

In every emulsion there is a continuous phase that suspends the droplets of the other element which is called the dispersed phase. In an oil-in-water emulsion, the continuous phase is the water and the dispersed phase is the oil while in a water-in-oil emulsion the oil is the continuous phase.


Make-up Ritual

barecover photo

Before After   


The present moment brings us back to the source. Live HERE and NOW. Awareness of the present moment is when you stop your mind from wondering. Your mind is only focused on what you are doing HERE and NOW. Using breathing as a support, with a bit of every day practice, you can within a second stop your mind from wandering from one thing to the next. The more you practice the easier it gets to let go and to achieve calm and inner peace you can then communicate with your true self and find innocence and peace.

                                                                                             Meditation is freedom.


Our real self, is perfect and free. Meditation is the way and a process of re-centering our awareness in the principle of pure consciousness which is our essential being. By sitting with closed eyes and letting the mind become absorbed, observing and experiencing the movements of the breath we enter into the consciousness and awareness of the present moment.

Play attention to your breathing, and listen, from the moment you start to the moment your breathing becomes deep, be attentive.

1) Sit upright, pull your spine up, shoulders high, comfortable and relaxed, with your hands resting on your knees or thighs.

2) Close your eyes gently to remove visable distraction.

3) Close your mouth, relax your jaw and mouth.

4) Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply three or four times, feeling the inhaling and exhaling, your breath moving in and out through your noze.

5) Now breathe naturally and easefully, keeping your awareness.

6) Keeping your awareness, observe the sensation of the breath moving there throughout all your inhalations and exhalations.

7) Let your awareness rest gently on the breath. After a while it may feel as though the breath is flowing in and out, continue focusing and listening to it , in and out the focus of your attention should be only at that point of listening–

8) Let the breath be as it will. . Let the breath be natural and unforced, and just observe and experience it.

In time your breath will become more subtle and refined, and slow down.

9) In Breath Meditation we only focus our awareness on the breath. However, as you meditate you may use this in every chore throughout the day just concentrate on the present moment of what you are doing, keeping centered.

10) Thoughts, impressions, memories, inner sensations, and such like may also arise during meditation. Be calmly aware of all these things in a detached and objective manner. Let them come and go as they will, but keep your attention centered . Meditation produces peace, awareness and quiet joy.

11) If you find yourself getting restless, distracted, , just inhale and exhale slowly and deeply a few times, feeling the inhaling and exhaling breath moving in and out through your nostrils, at the same time feeling that you are releasing and breathing out all tensions. Relaxation is the key to successful meditation practice.

12) Keep in mind that Meditation basically consists of being AWARE. That is all!

13) At the end of your meditation time, keep on being calmly aware of your breath moving in and out as you go into the make up ceremony. In this way you can maintain the calm and clear state of mind and awareness throughout every movement.


You have started your ceremony with the breathing exercises you are now feeling calm and peaceful continue your deep breathing and focuseon every movement step by step while just being here and now.


Step 1: Generously apply a moisturizer all over your skin (use a water based cream) to help concealer glide on smoothly. put lip balm on your lips


Step 2:

Apply concealer, only where you need it, undereye circles and blemishes. Try a creamy formula, in a shade that matches your skintone. Apply in littles stripes with a fine brush, with the ring of your finger blend from the corner of your eye over to your cheek for the circles. With a warm finger apply around the rim of your noze and chin, Cover blemishes and spots with a fine brush.


Step 3: With a big powder brush or puff apply lose and very fine powder all over your face, with airy free strokes apply evenly. The moisturizer should help fix the powder and create flawless, natural skin.




Step 4: Want to look like you are sunkissed? Use bronzing powder 2 to 3 tone shades above your color and apply with a blush brush, in light strokes, build up intensity gradually by going back and forth, on areas that the sun would hit and color naturall


blush gentle


Step 5: Apply to the apples of your cheeks. (the way to find your apple is to smile). Then blend the color up toward your temples with a brush.

Step 6: If your brows need filling or structure, lightly fill in any gap with a thin flat brush and follow this exemple of a perfect eyebrow

Step 7: Apply a shimmery cream shadow from the lash lines to the brow bones using pointer finger.


Step 8: To give your eyes a boost, apply mascara. Start as close to the roots of your lashes as possible and comb your lashes with the mascara brush intensifying the outer corner to open your eye. Then using a black pencil inhance the line at the roots of your lashes in the outer corner of your eye.

Step 9: Wipe lip balm off, dab some color on your lips, with a lipstick or a fruity colored gloss or start from the center and thin out to the rims.

Seing yourself with this natural, fresh, glowing look, will reunite you with a passed memory in which you were blossoming and trigger off a sense of wellbeing.



Photographer: Sarah Maingot                                      Make up Coral Clark

Transparent, translucent, maximum coverage , touche éclat is the make-up artist’s best friend. In a few strokes you can make wonders. With you touche éclat brush tip just paint and follow your dark  shadow line under your eye and blend with your finger. Touche éclat has got macro shimmery parts that reflect the light like mini mirrors, this is why you don’t need much. It throws back the light and gives the impression that your dark circles are neutralised. It also works for enhancing and sculpting. Less is more, sometimes it is best to make one part disappear to reveal and uncover another. See on image above how by putting a little touch in the eye corner I covered the circles and just with a little powder made the rest of the skin still breathe and then by just  adding a little color to the cheeks brought the whole thing to life.

baguette magique