Youri Zoon is a kite boarding world champion.

Youri’s has his own philosophy. His passion for kite boarding has brought him into a world of wisdom. He always greets you with a huge smile and is fully concentrated, anchored in the present moment. When he isn’t hitting the waves and playing with the winds, he kicks off the day by having a large bowl of muesli and going to the gym. Youri is a natural, he is focused and  in the present moment.





I can’t recommend this book enough. It is an easy read and full of good advice.

Rooted in traditional Toltec wisdom beliefs, four agreements in life are essential steps on the path to personal freedom. As beliefs are transformed through maintaining these agreements, shamanic teacher and healer don Miguel Ruiz asserts lives will “become filled with grace, peace, and unconditional love.”


Means you
are a slave
to thoughts.

No reason to fear,
do not tell your fortune,
the future is not here,
please do not to fear,
try not to be a seer.

It’s only thoughts,
that make you dread.
So leave the future,
you do not live there,

Life is now
So live right now,
and deal with
future moments,
as they come.

No need to agonize,
you’ll find you enjoy
a gift of peace
when you learn
to only live
in present time.



FullSizeRender1/We met in Paris, both of us came from a bi-cultural and artistic background, we were part of a group of friends our main interests were the art world, we all were exploring and the world was our oyster. I was starting my make up career, you were modeling, yet we would spent a lot of time, being creative and looking for sources of inspiration, going to museum, meeting artists etc….You were working for top photographes and magazines, it was clear to me at the time that you were an inspiration for them, not only for your looks but also for your natural understanding of the art world and your ability to embrasse other cultures, atmospheres, your sources of inspirations were countless. You were a beautiful women, but much more than that. Is there anyway that you could explain, what the actual input and presence a model has to give to a photographer or to a stylists to interprete what they are looking for?

I think it is interesting when a model starts to work almost exclusively with one photographer as they seem to start to shared journey together. In my own experience I found that ‘trust’ was a key element within this relationship. It is such a personal thing as you can imagine, to be paid money because of how you look. So this trust you give to the photographer, to share yourself with him or her is quite something when you look at it. What is being asked of you is to give ‘yourself’ to the product or the clothes in a way that is very intimate. I often found it quite terrifying if I am honest! I am sure there are a lot of models who would agree with this description. It is quite an incongruous mix of something which is deeply personal yet at the same time entirely about the commoditisation of the female body. There is a gentleness and a brutality. so like any relationship where these two elements coexist there is a balance one is always trying to strike. I am not sure I always got that one right!

2/Could you give precise exemples of your contribution to a photographe or other art creation?
When I lived in New York I was friends with a few of the big names around at that time in the 80’s. for example Julian Schnabel and Francesco Clemente. Clemente and I used to have many conversations about people and life and I have an ink drawing he made of me at that time, hanging in my house. a lot of Francescos work was and remains dream like and very sexual yet also about what it is to be human and where that sits in the world of myth and fable.
My particular painting is a portrait where I am sitting with my skirt raised and by arms bent in an embrace. Originally I was meant to have my legs open with no underwear on whilst holding a cat (pussy). I was far too shy to cooperate! So now we have a portrait of ‘ghosts’. nothing between my legs and my arms holding air. Perhaps this was more true. I also have a portrait of myself when I was 18 taken by a young Mario Testino who needed at the time to test his lighting on various friends.

3/ Being beautiful is an asset but it can also create a barrier if only the surface prevails, making the person invisible locked inside a perfect physique. How do you put other facettes of your personnality across, in other words (not just a pretty face)?
It’s interesting what you said about how looks can create a barrier or a prison for a person, which lets not forget might not only be for someone ‘beautiful’, this same prison could exist for someone who is ‘unattractive’. Notice I use inverted commas! I think intelligence is key to what guides the looks of anyone. It would not be original of me to talk about using ones assets positively whatever they may be but I certainly think for me at least intelligence means a degree of creativity in ones life. To be creative is to think outside the box. That box might also be your body or your face. It is vital to develop yourself to work hard and be psychologically rigourous. You need above all to be very honest with yourself and your life and your choices. This is what can liberate you, not just your pretty face!

4/Today you are an artist yourself and how has this experience of modelling helped you in the expression of your art?
I have just finished my training as an Art Psychotherapist so my art has taken a back seat but interestingly apropos this conversation I have in the past drawn heavily on the themes here. Inside/outside is close to my heart. Who we are is both a physical reality and yet it is also deeply rooted in the ‘invisible’ unconscious, the land of dreams and imagination are also quite physical in my view.
I remember my degree show at Chelsea College of Art was a film I made of myself in a suit of armour struggling to stand as I was fascinated by the idea of our human need to protect ourselves and yet that which seeks to protect us can also be our downfall. Again there is this duality which shows our continuous struggle for balance.

5/ I have often heard girl friends who are not in the industry, feel to be made uncomfortable about not having a models physique, I would like them to understand that there is more to it than meet the eye. Is there anything that you could tell them?
There is nothing you can say to anyone who struggles with their physique, looks whatever. Even the most beautiful of models despite being on a podium for her beauty might have a life long struggle to believe that she is so!
I think we are all here to fufill our unique journey and life is about finding out how we can be of service to others then and only then can we discover ourselves, our true self worth. When we can radiate that..well that is what real beauty is!


Ana is now an Art psychotherapist and can be reached at:



Interview with an extraordinary life coach June Penick Miller



Hello June,

I remember first meeting you in the back room of a flat in Paris. Even though there was hardly any light your incredible energy lit up the room. From then on, and throughout our friendship, your incredibily positive energy and perception of things and people continued to amaze me.
1/Could you please tell us what and when you became aware of this incredible source of energy that was inside you and what triggered off your desire to go deep into yourself to reach this level of awareness and to trust your intuition . Growing up I always thought something was ‘wrong’ with me. I was always told to sit down and be still and when that didn’t work my rebellion landed me in a hospital ‘for observation’. It wasn’t until I left home (and the hospital) at 17 that I begin to realize there was something ‘right’ with me. In the early 70’s it wasn’t popular to ‘look at yourself’ but I had to figure out what this abundance of energy was, why I felt so compelled to understand my ‘Self’ and eventually I came to understand that this abundance of energy could be directed and focused for helping others. The more I dove into myself, the more I understood others and the more I understood the spirit world.
2/I think of you are as the perfect example of interior beauty reflecting exterior beauty. There is definitely a glow and light coming from your energy. Your awareness of the power the inner self has led you to become a life coach and a healer. I know that you have an unlimited source of solutions and that each individual is unique and that you provide them with a tailor made clear path, but could you give us a few guidelines for inner happiness? The thing to remember is that we aren’t supposed to be happy ALL the time. The times we aren’t happy don’t have to last very long, but we can use those times to get to a deeper experience of happiness at our core. As a culture, we tend to look outside ourselves for satisfaction. And even though we find it, it’s temporary. The one person you wake up with every day is you. The person you listen to more than anyone else in the whole world is you. The person who you are going through life with no matter what is you. So who gets to decide if you wake up happy?
So many people get stuck in the story of their past and give it all this weight and it becomes an excuse to not be happy. Shame becomes the thing that we work so hard to cover up when if we would take it out and look at it, process it and put it in its rightful place, (a friggin’ septic tank!) we could get on with being happy.
3/How does inner well being connect with the power of NOW, and do you think that this is a major contribution in getting to the core of a person and the essence of our being? Well, if you want to get technical… all the good stuff only really shows up in the ‘Now’. Intuition can only talk to you in the moment. The feeling of joy we all look for happens in the moment. To be touched deeply… yep.. only happens in the NOW. So how does all that contribute to your inner well being? Just consider the value of what its like to be in the right place at the right time, or the value of feeling recognized for who you are at a soul level and the joy that comes from laughing from your gut. All of these things and more contribute to the essence of who you are and they only show up in the ‘Now’.
4/People create their own sufferings, through creating unnecessary needs, comparing themselves to one another, they are restless, their mind wandering constantly, never being satisfied always thinking of the past or apprehending the future.. What would your advise be on a daily basis? First I would have them watch this skit with Bob Newhart called “STOP IT” and laugh at themselves. – Then I would encourage them to take steps to recognize the power that their thoughts have over what is or isn’t showing up in their lives. We get to decide which thoughts we keep and which ones we put in a container somewhere – the more restless the mind the more dug into the mud we become. Its not easy to see something like it’s already happened when we’re down in the dumps but that is the first place to start. Everything, Everything, Everything, Everything (did I mention everything?) begins with our THOUGHTS. If you can see it like it’s already happened you are halfway there. Hold. That. Thought.
5/ We are all born with intuition but don’t trust it yet it is great common sense . Would you recommend dropping the barriers and going along with this approach as opposed to a more pragmatic one?

Of course! It’s how I’ve lived my life and got me to here. But it doesn’t matter if I recommend it or not because we each have our own way of ‘listening’. Until something draws us in or wakes us up to our inner vision or inner hearing we will continually default to a more pragmatic approach. Whatever triggers someone to begin to trust their intuition is a result of feeling safe rather than an intellectual conversation about whether to trust their intuition. If you’re driving down the road and the sign for where you want to go points to the right, but your intuition is telling you to turn left – you turn left not because of your intuition but because you trust your intuition. So, I recommend Trust. It may not look like it’s taking you where you want to go but it knows a lot more than you and there’s always a positive reason your intuition is trying to get you to go in a particular direction. Like I said. Trust.

6/Where can we find you? Do you give consultations and could you give us your details?

Yes! I would love for you to find me! You can find me in person either in New York City or St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands but I’m always available to take appointments by phone or on Skype! Personal Development is a process, Self Discovery, Healing – all a process. It would be my pleasure to help you see something about yourself or your life thats been hidden from your view – something that could make a real difference for your life. My website is My email address is Once you make a request I will get in touch with you.

Are there any books or films you could suggest? As a matter of fact…. I am LOVING reading “The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist! Also anything from John Perkins! “ShapeShifting” “The World Is As You Dream It!”. I would also sign up for newsletters from www.Pachamama.Org. and get involved in anything they do. They are the real thing!

Inner and Outer beauty

rochas3Inner and Outer beauty

As a make up artist over the past 25 years I have learned not only to achieve the best results with the beautiful faces I am given to make up but also to inspire my clients to feel good inside. To achieve in and outer beauty has always been my ambition and the rituals in this blog not only insures the best out come externally but also provides a meditation and promotes the nurturing of our inner beauty. The energy of well being ignites the glow of the whole person .

Emily and Poppy. photo by Coral



The make up ritual The aim of this blog, is to teach you a ritual that will improve the way you feel and look. This ritual will help you on a daily basis by making you aware of the present moment, giving you a thinking pattern, a break and ending up with a precise and simple make over. This is why this ritual can be used simply to optimize beauty.

Awareness of the present moment

It is while visiting a monastery that I noticed that the nuns who wore no make-up had beautiful, glowing faces. Through learning about meditation I realized that being in connection with ones inner self for a few minutes a day in a well-scheduled moment could lead to a long moment of serenity. The make up ceremony then becomes a support for a meditation in full awareness of the present moment. Step by step each gesture is measured in a unique space of time. During that time one can concentrate on doing only this and it therefore allows a person to be in absolute peace of mind.

Awareness of the present moment. We are at all times preoccupied by thoughts going from one activity to another, our mind restless in fear of being confronted by emptiness. The make up ceremony teaches us how to control this duality, with simple non superfluous movements in order not to be distracted, it leads us to inner peace. Body and mind open to others and radiant, the face then becomes ready to receive make up. This ceremony is ritualized, it’s a ritual of the moment with each gesture being precise, sober and beautiful, it helps us find ones inner beauty, which then leads us to our outer beauty with a notion of stillness in time.



More than 500 scientific researches have proved the benefits of meditation for the mental wellbeing, health and social life. This program is efficient what ever the context whether social, ethnic and cultural. It is for all ages . People who meditate are in better health and are happier. These positive effects can be checked on all social levels or intellectuel levels, it can improve stress, anxiety and depression, reduce agressivity and inhense harmonie in ones close environment .