Skin around the eyes




The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the skin on the face. As we age, skin loses its elasticity and becomes even thinner due to a breakdown of collagen.  The skin of the eye contour is constantly moving, blinking alone produces 10,000 movements per day! Other facial movements and expressions such as smiles, squinting, and stress can also affect the eye area, creating fine lines or crows feet . Rubbing and tugging of the delicate skin can cause for the skin to break; The skins elasticity is similar to a rubber band – constant tugging and pulling eventually causes loss of elasticity. Because the tissue around the eyes has very few oil glands, it lacks the natural moisture present on other parts of the body. It is important to look after this particular area with care and to use a good eye cream at night. Over the year I have observed that my girl friends that had used cream at an early age have now got less wrinkle that others. Taking care of this special part of skin can safe you from gaining lines of expression too early.


Exfoliate your skin in a hammam or with some exfoliating cream. Use a flannel and scrub your whole body. Once you are completely dry. With a clean thin coton flannel rub some self tanning lotion on to your skin. There is nothing worst than having white strips or marks and patches where the self tanning lotion wasn’t spread …. A thin flannel will help apply it evenly. A lot of self tanning lotions don’t bring out the right color. Some are orange or  pink. Dior  self tanner, gives a perfectly natural  result and color. This is best one that I have found so far. If you are still with bare legs and not yet wearing trousers or tights .Baume de Monoi smells of the beach, the sun and is shimmery, it gives the skin a nice glow. I highly recommend it if you are still showing bare legs….



Back from holidays, with some some color and rest… Try and keep things that way.. It is a good time to look after yourself by getting into good habits…..



Give your body a fresh start by giving it a good scrub, one way of doing this is by  going to a hammam. The steam baths, give  a sence of renewal.It is the best way to  shed off  dead skin. I have a maroccan hammam near me which,  most importantly is very clean. After an hour of laying there (preferably with  friend), give yourself a good after summer crub with black soap and an exfoliating flanel. It is a great feeling, when you come out of there, you feel completely new and ready to go…If you don’t have a hammam near you then lay in your bath with some bath salts and then use the soap and  glove. Don’t forget to scrub around your neck and down your back between your fingers and toes….Then dry yourself with a clean towel, preferably washed in organic washing powder or liquid…





Once your skin is  clean and dry it will need to receive some moisture, the best thing then is to use some oils…


Dr Haushka was a pioner in natural medecine . He started in the 1920s by concocting remedies with plants and bottleling them without using alcohol.

His remedies are now known world wide. It was only natural that after looking after the inside of a person his partner Elisabeth Sigmund investigated taking care of the outside and developped a skin care and make up line. The oil and cream are rich in plants and smell wonderful…The rose oil in particular and also the rose face cream are splendid…..




IF NO HAT use micro-nutrition contribution to anti oxidizing

In the sun always wear a nice hat to protect you head and skin, but if you like getting brown then go to micro-nutriments.IMG_2539

If you go in the sun, your skin will be stressed, help your skin by giving it extra vitamines and micronutrition. It s always best to eat the right food and get your nutrition right to protect your skin. But sometimes you can boost the process of repair by taking the treatment. I have tried this brand and found the my skin looked really healthy and hydrated after a month.

Dermobiane Solaire is a food supplement based on Polypodium leucotomos, Porphyral HSP®, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Vitamins C and E help protect the cells from oxidative stress.





Like metal our body become oxidized when  in contact with oxygen. As a reaction it generates  free radicals, which in excess accelerates aging of the skin. Our body creates  anti-oxydant to  fight  free radicals. In a hostile environment (toxines, pollution, sun) our system gets overwhelmed with a high production of free radical. In this case it is advised to reinforce ones antioxydante protection by taking protective micro nutriments like vitamines or minerals that have anti oxydant properties.

Vitamine C and E contribute to protect cells against oxidative stress

fruits dans pots


Healing power of french clay


French Green Clay is one of nature’s strongest antiseptics, it is a deep cleanser and draws impurities and toxins out of our systems due to its highly absorptive property… and it can do so much more. It is in fact one of nature’s most versatile remedies.

Clay can be applied externally with excellent results. The manner in which the clay is used is of great importance. Considering the fact that French Green Clay has such a strong absorbent property, when applied to the body for the first time, you may notice that the affected area becomes more red or worse than it did before. . The clay stimulates blood circulation, which brings blood closer to the surface of the skin – a desirable effect that means the clay is indicating that the process of healing has begun. However, if you think that your body is reacting adversely to the clay, refrain from using it.


Due to the highly absorptive quality of French Green Clay, when applied to sun-burnt areas on the body, you will feel great relief, for it draws the pain and sting out of a burn. The clay will also help the body regenerate cellular tissue so that the affected area heals faster. Prepare a suitably sized compress, or, if the area of sunburnt skin is too large, simply mix up a paste and spread it over the damaged and inflamed skin. Using cool water to prepare the clay can help relieve the discomfort faster. Do not allow the clay to dry out too much and rinse it off very gently with cool water. Reapply another layer or more if you feel it necessary. Alternatively you can add a quarter of a cup of clay to a cool bath for relief from sunburn.



Due to the fact that French Green Clay has such absorptive strength it draws toxins and impurities out of the skin. It is a miraculous product for oily problem skin because it has a purifying, deep cleansing and drying action. Used in a facial mask the clay penetrates the pores, removing toxins, impurities and excess oils and serums out of the cells.


Morning steps



Every morning I  splash cold water on my face. I feel that it stimulates my skin and gets all my senses going.

I then gently dry my skin with a face towel by just applying it so that it absorbs the water.



Once that is done I use some cotton wool and dab tonic water on to clean it in depth.

Rehydrating Rose Tone

Balances and refreshes normal and sensitive skin.



I change day creams regularly since I don’t like my skin getting used to one product, to avoid it getting lazy and so that it continues creating its natural hydration and protection.


Once I finish one pot or tube I move on  to another brand that I love. I try to use only organic.

I usually leave my skin to breath at night, but once a week put a natural oil on it before going to bed.