ingredients 5

Choose an organic Pumpkin, one onion, one potato, 2 carrotts, one garlic clove, soya cream and olive oil.












Photos by Coral Clark


Stephen Jones_00011/You were a model before becoming a photographer do you think that the energy of a model can impact and influence a photographer?

Making pictures with people involves a certain projection of oneself. I try to recognise something of myself in someone I photograph. I also need to understand the energy, but by that I don’t mean their forcefulness or vitality, it’s rather ‘what makes them tick?’ because models come in all configurations. If the sitter isn’t compliant, I try to tweak them to a place where we are both in agreement.

2/Is it the photographer who influences the picture more than the model. Who leaves the most feeling or is it a fine balance?

The idea is that many decisions have been made before the person sits in front of the camera, there is some kind of (physical) situation or decor there for the sitter to interpret. I need to be receptive to their interpretation, but I want to guide the sitter so that they look right. I’m looking for an unknown area, ideally to try to transcend the images that we might have already seen of that person.

3/Did you consequently feel like an object of art while being

photographed or as a photographer do you find that you are the


No. I influence in that I have an idea that I’m trying to share. It’s not terribly complicated, you just have to find a space where the sitter relates to the proposed situation, that’s the idea.

4/Is a models personality relevant in an image or it is the

photographer’s personality that creates the image…

See 2) above. I really don’t care for the ‘Who’s who’ part of picture making. If I did, it would mean I wasn’t thinking for myself.
Models really are put in uncomfortable situations, and many don’t complain at all! I’m too conscious of that, and I think that when we are absolutely set on reproducing a theoretical idea, we tend to forget that to be human is also to be spontaneous, and to see what happens when…

5/Do you think that working with different artists as a model and having to adapt to their strong perception is a danger for ones perception of ones self?

When people know you’re a model by profession, and have a physique that can be used to conjure up ideas and sell things, they feel at liberty to comment on it. Let’s remember that standing in front of a camera/being on a catwalk is one small part of life though! I don’t remember being affected by the experience, but I remember at the time constantly thinking “what would my life be after this?” I knew it wouldn’t last long, although it turned out to last I lot longer than I imagined, when in more recent times I was rather flattered when Martin Margiela asked me out of the blue to model for him, so in that respect it was a positive thing. What is more problematic is the kind of images young people are looking at, we need to be really watchful of imposed ideals.

6/Would you call a photographer a different mirror each time, or is

the job of a model to be so strong that she is the drive of the

photo session?

More than a mirror really. The dictates of the fashion industry pay a large part in the final result. The model may have been selected because she corresponds to a certain look. But that may be very exciting, too, it may give her/him great confidence to know that they are desired and chosen, because it is hard work to photograph somebody who doesn’t want to be there or has very different ambitions.

7/Would you say that this is what defines a good model as opposed

to one that melts into the decor and world of the artist photographer

or even painter?

Are we talking about celebrity models? I think it’s a different kind of photography. With photographs of celebrities I’ve always been amused by totally unexpected roles, When I assisted Michael Roberts, he took some brilliant pictures of Kylie Minogue who was a soap star at the time and put her in a sort of very elegant Hoyningen Huene situation, which we had never seen before; and the picture of Vivienne Westwood as Margaret Thatcher is legendary.
In order to understand the picture, we need to know who the personality is. Models are known for their capacity to adapt, so the effect is less surprising. Personally I find it interesting working with the same person a lot, so we start to get the point of each other.

8/Does the interpretation and reflection of your physique affect who

you truly are?

It’s part of it, like any work you do, if you analyse and debrief after you’ve done it, it gives you a better understanding of what you’re doing. As a photograph or video is a visual trace, it perhaps more immediate. But frankly, even at my grand old age, I still don’t really know what I project, and I’m often shocked by other people’s interpretations.

9/Would you be a different person if you had never questioned your physique?
– Yes, ever so slightly.

10/Do you consequently wonder what people see when you walk

into a room?

Well, when I get ready to go out, I would like people to think ‘Ooh she cuts a fine figure!’ However when I am in teaching or photography mode, there’s not much that is further from my thoughts. In that role I have to be completely receptive to others..
I’ll just say that going grey is incredibly empowering! I’m afraid to say if looks were the only concern, perhaps it means there’s not too much else going on, and I suppose it would be a recipe for anxiety.

11/You come across as quite shy, so do you think that you would be different had you not been a model since being aware of the way

you look would possibly make you question your reflection into others…ie different people different mirrors?

Interesting question.. I suppose I am quite discrete. Maybe that’s more noticeable because I’m quite tall, or maybe because I’m intense and don’t wish to come on strong, I’ve spent a lot of time doing sport, particularly competitive swimming which changes your body a lot, so I think it’s more complex than that.. but I don’t think that being a model changed any of that, the time spent on a shoot is too short to make too much impact. I should mention that much of the time I was doing something else, I was at college or working by helping to produce photos when I was asked to model, and so often working with people who I knew very well.

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As we go deeper and deeper into the winter, we lose our lovely summer colouring, our tan and  summer glow wears out . This is when a little something can change a lot. I always notice the inside transformation of a person while I do her make up as she is looking at herself in the mirror. The person may start a little reserved and discouraged with negative her body language. As she sees the progress of  make upbeing done and she looks better and better, the  improvement brings her back to a moment when she felt positive and happy. The reflexion of happiness is sent back from the mirror and brings her back to that moment and from there, little by little she start to sit up straight, to gain confidence, to speak up and sheers to that self that she seemed to have forgotten… That person that she knows so well, the happy her she can at last reconnect with. A little something can go far, this is why I chose to use these few products, the tint lotion from Dr Haushcka which is so easy to use for an optimum result, it just tints the skin as if it has just been in the sun for a little tan, then on top of this I use a bronzing powder with a big brush I gently stroke the angles where the sun would hit naturally when one walks about, I gently brush on the top of the fore head, the cheek bones a little touch on the noze. The eye lid can have a little shimmer and the lips even though moisturised stay lusciously mat… here after a touch of mascara in the conner of the eye, no one would ever know, the secret  mission these few products have achieved leaving no evidence, only the trace of  a glowing event which would have flushed our skin to glow naturally.


14069386880_8d2df89f32_z-2SWIMMING IN COLD WATER

I have been swimming in cold sea water from 18 degrees to 15 now every other day for the past month. The results are spectacular, whether for the morale, the energy level, toning, accelarating the metabolism, results are amazing.
Cold water stimulates your parasympathetic system, it triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin. Along with the effect of endorphins and adrenaline from the plunge, ice swimming is packed full of neurotransmitters that are vital to keeping us happy. This is a natural substitute to anti-depression medications so if you are near the sea, or a lake jump in or if not, try standing in a cold shower a few minutes a day.

Natural benefits and advantages of ice swimming:
More vitality
Improve memory performance
Reduces pain associated with fibromyalgia, rheumatism, or asthma
Increases your defense system
Gets your blood pumping
Enhances your sex life
Burns calories.

Is an all-natural high

Winter swimmers talk a lot about the ‘HIGHS’ they get from cold water – a feeling of wellbeing that’s so encompassing that it becomes quite addictive

The cause? Endorphins.


Being cold sends blood it to your organs and make you feel ALIVE……

ALSO: Economical, ecological, free ant-depressant.
















Meet Dan Graham and his interactive art. Art that connects and bounces of its environment and changes with the colour of the sky, the reflection of light and modifies our vision by exposing more and more layer of infinite possibilities, shapes and light move with the sky and people walking past, with colours blending into different shapes while other colors bounce off one reflection to the other, infinitely moving . Here is Dan Graham giving a speech at the opening party of the Mamo museum in Marseille on the roof of the cite Radieuse the famous building designed by the architect Le Corbusier, at his side, Emily Marant , Ora Ito and the CEO of Parley for the ocean who gave a talk on our over consumerism of fish and of plastic waste that are poluting and suffocating the oceans. We will have to drastically modify our consumption of fish and plastic within the next years if we want to save the biodiversity of our oceans. Already, some  people through awareness and knowledge  are choosing to significantly reduce their consumption of fish . We all have the power to chose to consume or not, we all have a voice through the choices we make every day.




C’est l’année d’Emmanuelle Bercot ! Après être venue présenter son film «La Tête Haute» diffusé pour l’ouverture du Festival de Cannes, l’actrice-réalisatrice française a monté dimanche une dernière fois les marches de la Croisette pour venir recevoir le Prix d’interprétatoin féminine.

Elle a été récompensée pour sa prestation dans «Mon Roi» de Maïwen. Elle participe ainsi au joli palmarès français lors ce 68e Festival de Cannes.

C’est dans une belle robe noire, avec un maquillage lumineux et naturel qu’Emmanuelle Bercot est venue recevoir son prix des mains de Tahar Rahim. «Ce prix, je veux dire à Maïwenn qu’il récompense son audace, son sens aigu de la liberté, son anticonformisme. Après «Polisse», elle pouvait viser les plus hautes sphères, avoir les plus grandes actrices. Et non, elle a choisi une inconnue de 46 ans pour être son actrice», a-t-elle déclaré, émue.

Depuis les premières marches cannoises jusqu’à la cérémonie de clôture l’actrice a pu sublimer les tapis rouge avec l’aide de Guerlain. A 47 ans, l’actrice illuminait la scène avec une mise en beauté signé Coral Clark pour la marque parisienne.

Base :
Le nouveau soin Météorites Oxygène

Le teint :
Precious light, enlumineur rajeunissant, teinte 01
Lingerie de Peau, fond de teint fluide, 03 Beige Naturel
Terracotta Joli Teint Poudre Duo Bonne Mine, 02 Naturel Blondes
Rose aux Joues, 01 Peach Boy

Les lèvres :
Le Stylo Lèvres, 44 Bois de Santal
KissKiss, 363 Fabulous Rose

Les yeux :
Khôl Me Kajal, noir
Ecrin 6 Couleurs, 68 Champs-Elysées
Le Crayon Sourcils, 01 Brun Idéal
Mascara noir Cils d’Enfer So Volume











Photographer: Sarah Maingot                                      Make up Coral Clark

Transparent, translucent, maximum coverage , touche éclat is the make-up artist’s best friend. In a few strokes you can make wonders. With you touche éclat brush tip just paint and follow your dark  shadow line under your eye and blend with your finger. Touche éclat has got macro shimmery parts that reflect the light like mini mirrors, this is why you don’t need much. It throws back the light and gives the impression that your dark circles are neutralised. It also works for enhancing and sculpting. Less is more, sometimes it is best to make one part disappear to reveal and uncover another. See on image above how by putting a little touch in the eye corner I covered the circles and just with a little powder made the rest of the skin still breathe and then by just  adding a little color to the cheeks brought the whole thing to life.

baguette magique




To meditate you have to train your mind, in the same way that to be fit you have to train your body. There are many meditation techniques.

Like anything practice makes perfect.

It’s extremely difficult for a beginner to sit for hours and think of nothing or have an “empty mind.” The easiest way to start is by focusing the breath. Really meditation is concentration, mindfulness is also a form of concentration. When one is fully concentrated one is in the present moment and that in itself is a form of meditation.
The concentration meditation technique involves focusing on a single point. This could be listening to your breath, repeating one single word over and over again, focusing on looking at a candle flame, or finding on spot on the floor and staring at it. Since focusing the mind is not that easy, a beginner might meditate for only a few minutes and then work up to longer time.
Make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally.
Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Notice the movement of your body as you breathe. Observe your chest, shoulders, rib cage and belly. Make no effort to control your breath; simply focus your attention. If your mind wanders, simply return your focus back to your breath. Maintain this meditation practice for 2–3 minutes to start, and then try it for longer periods.
If relaxation is not the goal of meditation, it is often one result of it. Since then, studies on the relaxation response have documented the following short-term benefits to the nervous system:


• lower blood pressure
• improved blood circulation
• lower heart rate
• less perspiration
• slower respiratory rate
• less anxiety
• lower blood cortisol levels
• more feelings of well-being
• less stress
• deeper relaxation



Here is a simple tip for having smooth lips

If you have chapped lips, you can remove the dead cells very simply.

The secret is sugar.

Put a thin layer of oil  (coconut, almonds, or olive) on your lips and then did them in sugar

sugarry lips




Remove the sugar and put some lip balm on your nice smooth lips


smooth lips