La conscience du moment présent

It is while visiting a monastery that I noticed that the nuns who wore no make-up had beautiful, glowing faces. Through learning about meditation I realized that being in connection with ones inner self for a few minutes a day in a well-scheduled moment could lead to a long moment of serenity. The make up ceremony then becomes a support for a meditation in full awareness of the present moment. Step by step each gesture is measured in a unique space of time. During that time one can concentrate on doing only this and it therefore allows a person to be in absolute peace of mind.

Awareness of the present moment. We are at all times preoccupied by thoughts going from one activity to another, our mind restless in fear of being confronted by emptiness. The make up ceremony teaches us how to control this duality, with simple non superfluous movements in order not to be distracted, it leads us to inner peace. Body and mind open to others and radiant, the face then becomes ready to receive make up. This ceremony is ritualized, it’s a ritual of the moment with each gesture being precise, sober and beautiful, it helps us find ones inner beauty, which then leads us to our outer beauty with a notion of stillness in time.



More than 500 scientific researches have proved the benefits of meditation for the mental wellbeing, health and social life. This program is efficient what ever the context whether social, ethnic and cultural. It is for all ages . People who meditate are in better health and are happier. These positive effects can be checked on all social levels or intellectuel levels, it can improve stress, anxiety and depression, reduce agressivity and inhense harmonie in ones close environment .